Play (by clicking on the file-name, it should start automatically) the first sound file and sing to the sounds. If you have trouble on the tones
to take, try the following exercise: Start in the highest possible pitch and go down with a glissando to the right tone. After a while you will not have any more trouble, to sing the tones correctly!
Sound file: lesson1.mid

Similar to the first exercise, but now the pre-played notes are in a situation which is outside the comfortable human vocal range. Sing the notes in a convenient position for you.
Additional task: Play the same way any notes on the piano (or any other instrument) and sing to them. Try to increase the tempo gradually. You should always be strictly that you sing the notes right away clean!
Sound file: lesson2.mid

Listen to the following rhythm dictations each 2 or 3 times, and tap it after then. Please answer the questions for each example:
1) If it is a straight (4 / 4, 2 / 4, etc.) or an odd time signature (3 / 4, 3 / 8 etc.), time signature?
2) Start the sample on-beat or off-beat?
Sound files: lesson5a.mid, lesson5b.mid, lesson5c.mid

Listen to the following melody dictations, sing them and after you can sing them well try to write those. Write them beginning on do or c.
Sound files: ear1.mid, ear2.mid, ear6.mid, ear7.mid, ear8.mid, ear9.mid, ear19.mid, ear20.mid, ear21.mid, ear22.mid, ear23.mid

Listen to the following intervalls. They are played up, down and as a chord. Find out the size (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) and if they are major, minor or perfect.
Sound files: ear3.mid, ear4.mid, ear5.mid, ear10.mid, ear11.mid, ear12.mid, ear13.mid, ear14.mid, ear15.mid, ear24.mid, ear25.mid, ear26.mid, ear27.mid, ear28.mid, ear29.mid

Listen to the following triads and find out if they are major, minor, augmented or diminished.
Sound files: ear16.mid, ear17.mid, ear18.mid, ear30.mid, ear31.mid, ear32.mid

Listen to the following triads and find out if they are 1st inversion or 2nd inversion.
Sound files: ear33.mid, ear34.mid, ear35.mid, ear36.mid, ear37.mid, ear38.mid

Listen to the following rhythmic dictations, the results are next to the mid-files.
ear39.mid, ear39.pdf, ear40.mid, ear40.pdf, ear41.mid, ear41.pdf, ear42.mid, ear42.pdf, ear43.mid, ear43.pdf

Listen to the following melodic dictations, the results are next to the mid-files.
ear44.mid, ear44.pdf, ear45.mid, ear45.pdf, ear46.mid, ear46.pdf, ear47.mid, ear47.pdf, ear48.mid, ear48.pdf